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 Gift Card Fundraiser

Have Your Perogies & Make Money Too

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What is the Gift Card Fundraiser?

  • $25.00 Gift Card is sold to your Purchaser & Your Club pays the Purple Perogy $21.00 therefore profiting $4.00 (over a 15% discount to you)


Gift Card Details

  • Redeemable in Restaurant Only

  • Not valid on Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats or Food Truck

  • Includes all Restaurant Products - Dine In, Take Out and Frozen Take Home Items

Benefits to Purchaser

  • They have the options to pass on as a gift, Dine In or Take Out from the Restaurant or take home Frozen Products. They choose what they want from the Purple Perogy. No decisions to make when purchasing card from your Club.

Details for Your Fundraiser

  • NO upfront money. You immediately get your profits when card is sold. After campaign, your Coordinator will provide Purple Perogy with number of gift cards sold.  Purple Perogy will provide within three days. Payment will be due upon receipt at $21.00 each.

  • Recommend length of Campaign one month or less

  • Simple, Easy and best of all NO hauling of product

Interested in our Gift Card Fundraiser simply

Contact us by email or telephone

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