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About Us

The Purple Perogy family is indeed just that. Co-owned by our Lastiwka Family - husband and wife - Richard and Lisa, son Tyson and wife Paige.

Our name originated from the first Food Truck in 2016 as it was Purple. Purple and Perogy goes hand in hand and is just an easy catchy name to remember. We still get asked and are complimented about it. In 2018, Tyson and Paige joined the company to make the Restaurant and Food Truck the family operation it is today. Yes, it’s always a Lastiwka providing service!

We pride ourselves on providing Authentic Ukrainian Taste and being Sherwood Park’s only family owned Ukrainian Restaurant which also operates a Seasonal Food Truck, Catering Services, School Hot Lunches and a Fundraising Program. Check out all our services and we will be more than happy to cook you up some delicious Ukrainian Food :) 

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